Yearly Maintenance

Clean Drains will help reduce and eliminate costly drainage problems by scheduling yearly maintenance at your property. Our Professional Inspection and Cleaning Package will keep you informed on the condition of your pipes, clean up silt, and indicate if there are any potential risks developing.


Step 1- TV / Video Pipe Inspection

Using Fiber Optic technologies, we can easily confirm if there are obstructions in your below ground drainage pipes. These blockages need to be detected to prevent water from backing up into your home.


Step 2 - Cleaning Silt Traps

All homes have silt traps called sump systems or catch basins. These systems prevent silt from flowing into your outgoing drainage pipes. Once full, these systems will cause water to back up resulting in costly damage. This problem is easily solved with yearly cleaning.


Step 3 - Written Report

A 6 point mechanical inspection will be filled out and placed in your door after every inspection. If a problem is encountered, one of our estimators will contact you shortly to provide a written quote on the cost of the repair.