Our Partnership with Insurance Brokers


Give Your Customers Peace of Mind with Education and Preventative Maintenance
To reduce the number of flooded basements we are providing your clients with a special price of $85.00 (regularly $145.00) fibre optic video drain inspection and home water damage prevention package. This will identify potential drainage and plumbing problems allowing homeowners to prevent water damage before it happens.


Who is at risk?
Homes older than 20 years
Homes with a basement or crawl space
Homes that have not been inspected in 5 years


How does it work?
The process involves camera inspecting downpipes and perimeter drains in order to ensure that rain water flows freely into the city storm drains. By using fibre optic cameras, problems such as silt buildup, broken tiles and blockages will be identified. Once the problems are identified the necessary maintenance and repairs for perimeter drains and outgoing lines will be recommended. A detailed inspection report will be provided upon completion.


Clean Drains is the Lower Mainland's leader in flood prevention. We are here to educate at-risk homeowners on how they can reduce the chance of flooding and help them prevent water problems inside their homes through ongoing drain inspections and flood prevention information. Every home will eventually flood without proper preventative maintenance and most floods happen when people are asleep or not at home. We believe that by working with you to provide your at-risk clients with flood preventative information, we can minimize insurance claims and give your clients peace of mind.


We have found insurance brokers receive:

  • Better informed clients so that they can prevent water damage
  • Fewer claims, lower loss ratios
  • Happier clients, more repeat business

At Clean Drains we are dedicated to increasing the quality of life for our customers through preventative maintenance.