Did you know that outside floor drains are a major flooding hazard and building codes have changed in recent years to replace them with basins?   
- Basins keep silt from entering drain lines and the lids easily remove for cleaning.


Did you know sumps are silt traps to prevent silt from entering you outgoing line and need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent back up?
- A lot of people think all sumps have pumps in them when most don't, they are gravity fed. Sumps also have a one way flow valve that is made of metal that can rust and seize. This can easily be corrected by placing a plastic valve on them.


Did you know that some types of flooding are not covered by your insurance such as when water enters through the foundation wall?
- This is referred to as ingress (Check with your insurance broker today to see if this additional coverage can be purchased as it could save you tens of thousands of dollars from a flood).


Did you know that you perimeter drains not only take away your roof water from the gutters but also the water table?

- If you disconnect the gutter pipes and run it away from the house the drains still absorb it from the water table (click here to see illustration)


Did you know all drain replacement work requires a permit and an inspection from a city plumbing inspector to be deemed to code?
- When inspecting the drainage system with a camera it can pinpoint any blockage by using a transmitter and a locator to determine the physical location and depth. Once a system is serviced and is determined to be clean and clear some insurance companies will offer discounts.


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